The Tranquility House

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  • Iceberg lettuce filled with either minced chicken or vegetables (Contains nuts)
  • Deep-fried golden crispy prawns
  • Fried prawns with wasabi cream
  • Crispy chicken floss roll with taro
  • Deep-fried chicken salt and pepper
  • Crispy soft shell crab salt and pepper style (or Bi Fong style)
  • 'Cantonese style' marinated BBQ chicken
  • Chicken and prawns sio mai
  • Steamed beef sio mai
  • Steamed chicken dumpling
  • Steamed prawns dumplings
  • Steamed vegetable dumplings
  • Clear chicken soup with wonton and vegetable
  • Seafood soup with asparagus
  • Seafood crabmeat soup
  • Dry scallops with seafood soup
  • Cream of crabmeat corn
  • Cream of chicken corn
  • Hot and sour soup of chicken, seafood or vegetables
  • Clear vegetable soup with tofu

  • Barbecued Peking duck with pancake and hoi sin sauce or 3 Way Duck Services
      a. Slice crispy skin to be rolled
      b. Duck bone soup with Chinese cabbage and tofu
      c. Meat cooked with vegetable and cashew nuts served with iceberg lettuce (Contains nuts)
  • Aromatic crispy duck with pancake and hoi sin sauce
  • Boneless duck with shredded ginger and spring onion
  • Boneless duck with sweet and sour sauce
  • Boneless duck and button mushroom with brown garlic
  • Boneless duck with Chinese cabbage oyster sauce

Seafood Delights
  • 'Asian chili style' wok-fried Philippine Tiger prawns
  • Deep-fried prawns with chili 'Peking style'
  • Deep-fried prawns with sweet and sour sauce
  • Sautéed prawns with satay chili sauce
  • Sautéed prawns with black bean sauce
  • Sautéed prawns with X.O. sauce
  • Sautéed prawns with hot chili bean sauce
  • Sautéed fresh scallops with broccoli and fried garlic
  • Sautéed fresh scallops with black bean sauce
  • Sautéed scallops with X.O. sauce
  • Deep-fried squids with five spice and chili
  • Deep-fried tiger prawn ‘Bi Fong style’
  • Pan-fried prawn puff with oyster sauce
  • Wok-fried fillet of hammour with hot chili bean sauce
  • Sautéed hammour with baby corn, ginger, chili sauce
  • Crispy hammour with chin kiang vinegar
  • Deep-fried fresh hammour with sweet and sour sauce
  • Mixed seafood deluxe tofu in clay pot
Selection of Poultry
  • 'Kong po style' stir-fried diced chicken (Contains nuts)
  • Shredded chicken with garlic sprout chili
  • "Chili Peking style" shredded chicken
  • Diced chicken satay with fresh vegetable in clay pot
  • Stir-fried diced chicken with black bean sauce
  • Deep-fried chicken breast with sweet and sour sauce
  • Pan-fried fillet of chicken breast with lemon sauce
  • Ma Po Tofu with minced chicken
  • Wok-fried diced chicken with Guilin chili ginger garlic sauce
  • Hainanese chicken served with rice

Selection of Beef
  • 'Vietnamese style' wok-fried tenderloin beef cube
  • 'Cantonese style' sautéed tenderloin beef with onion
  • Stir-fried striploin sliced beef with X.O. sauce in clay pot
  • Sautéed striploin sliced beef with green onion leeks
  • 'Mongolian style' sautéed tenderloin beef
  • Deep-fried shredded beef with chili 'Peking style'
Selection of Lamb Rack
  • Wok-fried sliced lamb with onion leeks and garlic
  • Pan-fried sliced lamb with eggplant in chili sambal
  • Braised lamb breast with tofu white radish in clay pot
  • Sliced lamb with garlic chili sauce
  • Lamb rack with chili "Singaporean style"
  • Lamb rack with spicy X.O. sauce

  • Braised lohan mixed vegetables
  • Sautéed broccoli with black mushroom and oyster sauce
  • Bai ling mushroom with broccoli in oyster sauce
  • Vegetarian Ma Po Tofu
  • Fried tofu with hot chili bean
  • Braised bean curd and pakchoy with ginger sauce
  • Garlic sprout and assorted mushroom
  • Shuang Dong tofu with black mushroom and bamboo shoots
  • 'Szechuan style' sautéed baby eggplant
  • Sautéed fresh pakchoy with garlic sauce
  • Sautéed fresh Chinese long lettuce with garlic
  • 'Szechuan style' sautéed vegetables
Rice & Noodles
  • 'Yong chow style' fried rice with chicken and shrimps
  • X.O. fried rice with seafood
  • Fried rice with salted fish and chicken
  • Vegetable fried rice
  • Szechuan fried rice with chicken
  • Fuijian fried rice with minced beef or chicken
  • Steamed rice
  • Oriental fried egg noodles
  • Crispy noodles with mixed seafood
  • Fried noodles with beef, prawn and chicken
  • Fried noodles with mixed vegetables
  • Fried noodles with diced chicken and vegetables
  • Fried udon noodles with seafood in X.O sauce
  • Satay 'Ho Fan' noodles with sliced beef
  • Hand-made 'Ho Fan' noodles with sliced beef and bean sprouts

  • Chilled aloe vera and crystal jelly
  • Flavoured with lemon grass
  • Your choice of deep-fried banana, apple or pineapple toffee
  • Served with vanilla ice cream
  • Deep-fried red bean
  • With sesame seed
  • Chocolate cake
  • Chocolate sponge layered with chocolate parfait, passion fruit cream served with lychee ice cream
  • Seasonal fresh fruit platter
  • Creamy exotica
  • Vanilla cream with roasted mango, orange marmalade and coconut mousse
  • Ginger crème brûlée
  • Served with pineapple coriander carpaccio and confit ginger
  • Chilled mango pudding
  • Served with whipped cream and mango sauce

Chili, Spicy