The Tranquility House

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Clefs d'Or – Concierge

The Club’s Clefs d’Or and Lifestyle Managers are experts in their respective fields, who pride themselves on being among the first to know. They are expert at delivering high personal Concierge & Lifestyle service to its members. A Chief Concierge will do anything you asked as long as it is morally, legally and humanly possible.

They are expert at lifestyle management, you can actually leave them with any type of service requirement from making dinner, concerts or special events reservations or book a session at the spa or make travel arrangements, to getting bouquets delivered anywhere in the world, while you sip coffee at Salon D' Affaire's or smoke cigar at the Davidoff lounge with your friends or associates or have a Business deal done at the private office or meeting room, you will find that all is completed and done to your satisfaction.

Trained in the rare art of balancing subtlety, discretion and split-second service, our team injects elegance and sophistication into our member’s experience. Club’s team of Clefs d'Or Concierge is a team of remarkable handy man & women not by accident but because of hard work and training.

Tranquility Business Jets

The Club’s members have privileged access to a fleet of 10 private jets with luxuriously designed & decorated cabins and seating for their exclusive use, complemented by tranquility’s high end seven star professionally trained service crew along with our seven star signature cuisines, which are offered for both short and long-haul distances, national and international routes, with inflight availability of Internet, telephone and fax connectivity.

Enabling tranquility’s members to travel on their own scheduled business or leisure itineraries in total privacy and pass discreetly through private terminals and travel in comfort and arrive at their destination feeling prepared and relaxed, saving time and stress, flying from their local airport, with private boarding and lounge facilities.

All this in an unparalleled personalized service offering care and attention to minute detail, Keeping the extraordinary needs of extraordinary people in mind at all times.

Tranquility Yachts Services

Our members can enjoy bespoke Ultra Luxury Seven Star Yacht experience, either to serve their corporate requirements or personal needs, from receptions, corporate events, dinner cruises, reunions, birthdays or half-day island escape for two whether in the Mediterranean off the Cote d’ Azur or Corsica, or in the Italian delights of Sardinia or Sicily. Or just a quick gateway while they stop over in Dubai, enjoying cocktails and canapes on deck while cruising the stunning coastline that glides effortlessly over the sun-kissed waters.

Making an experience for our Ultra High Net Worth Members aboard our luxury yacht unique & luxurious, with a degree of pampering and personal attention at every level, with discretion and confidentiality.

Experience sun, sea, sand and glamour as you visit the most fashionable ports on-board our luxury yachts, as life deserves to be exceptional.

Tranquility Heli Services

Heli ride a domain of celebrities and billionaires. The fleet of Clubs Heli is bespoke fitted with Tranquility’s Seven Star Signature, luxurious club seats for our member’s utmost Ultra Luxury and Comfort. The versatility of these helicopters enables them to be used for business purposes or for transfers from airports to events or sports stadiums, cutting out on the traffic jams to reach destination.

Best suiting your desire with ultimate VIP treatment and keeping the required level of privacy and security at all times.

Tranquility Butlers

Club’s team of professionally trained Butlers & Footmen are prepared with latest skills mandatory to meet and surpass new international standards of finest details of hospitality and refined luxury by one of the world’s leading Butler Institute of UK with bespoke training program and delivering the very highest standards of service for our members.

The Club’s team of professional butlers having the qualities of being discreet, confident and to be able to converse freely with our members and their guest and yet retain at all times a professional demeanor.

They are skilled with fine art of hospitality techniques, Service Etiquette, Personal presentation (Body language, eye contact, Posture and dress code with an articulate language), Etiquette & Service language excellence with knowledge of Service Professionalism for Club’s dignified high net worth members & their guests.

Our butlers are taught to be the best you can be in Protocol, Silver Service, Table Management, Communication skills and maintaining hygiene standards throughout service.