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Dinning Guide

Serving you with freshness of ingredients and meticulous cooking style of masterly chefs for a top-notch taste. You can also select fine materials delivered directly from the sea in your own preference.

Seafood Market offers a wide variety of services as follows:


To answer members’ different food preferences, Seafood Market will offer “Choose-Your-Own-Seafood” service, where member can opt for fresh seafood from 18 seawater tanks alongside more than 00-meter fresh food stall as if one picks it from the sea himself. Our waiters are available to give you recommended menus and cooking methods. Members selected items will be weighted & directly sent to our kitchen for cooking in your own preference.

You can easily follow these steps:
  • Select seafood, fresh vegetables and tropical fruits.
  • Weigh in seafood
  • Select Cooking & flavor Options
  • Take a seat while we cook it to your taste and recommendation
  • Enjoy your meal, as it is served fresh & hot
  • Once finishing the meal, you may ask for your bill

*Apart from the above steps, we will also offer “Set menu” for those who prefer faster meal by easily choosing from either eastern or western menus.
*For more convenience, member who want to come in a group and order Set menu, may contact his membership manager.